About Us


We are Luz and Yemmy, we are sure that we were sisters in another life, but in this one we are half brain of each other, lovers of coffee, of a good conversation and of Mexico.

"We believe in Mexico and its people"

We work with Mexican artisans and designers to combine two or more techniques together with our creativity and magic we call it: “Artisan Fusion”

Mexico overflows an exceptional wealth, in art32.mx the main value that we contribute is the mergers; the creativity with which we see a product and at the same time the infinite possibilities of making a new one in collaboration, sometimes it is something along the same lines, in others it is a totally different product, we look for creatives with mastery, who keep elements of our Mexican culture, either by tradition or because they developed it. We love to find people who believe in the same that we do, that we can conceptualize a new product with them, add magic powders … and create it.

We believe in creativity, talent, dreams, dedication, detail and the magic of Mexican crafts and design. We want to make something beautiful into something extraordinary, we want to share a piece of Mexico with you.