Mexican Design T-Shirts

Mexican Design T-Shirts



This is the first design of the collection of hearts, honoring the Chiapaneco embroidery, one of the most emblematic features of this culture. The embroidered heart symbolizes knowledge inherited from generation to generation, exhibiting the beauty of embroidery and the magic of its artisan hands.



This is the first design of the urban collection. The bougainvillea is a special plant, it is given a wide medicinal use in the states of central and southern Mexico is such its importance and beauty that even the skulls stand out with an extraordinary style.



This is the first design of the collection of indigenous languages, which are an invaluable heritage of the cultural roots of Mexico. Within the 68 linguistic groupings, the NAHUATL is considered in slow extinction. We want to keep them alive.

Do not forget our mother tongue.




This is the first design of the map collection. This is Mexico: immense, colorful, cultural, unique, with a huge diversity of ethnicities, languages, peoples, traditions, history, beaches, gastronomy and crafts. So different and at the same time … only one.



T-Shirt Quality: 

100% combed cotton.  

Combed cotton is SOFTER and STRONGER than regular cotton and is considered higher quality. The combing process rids the batch of shorter fibers and impurities, which results in a finer, stronger and more compact cotton. 

 * It’s ideal for clothing that’s worn next to the skin. 

* Cotton t-shirts naturally allows the skin to breathe, doesn’t retain odors, it’s comfortable, durable and lightweight. 

* Short sleeve 

* Round-neck 

* Machine washable, Hang to dry. 


Print Quality: 

This T-Shirt has a Brilliant Design. 

Screen printed with High Quality ink Fade resistant.


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